Call for applications: iUP_MIT Japan Design Workshop 2014


iUP_MIT Japan Design Workshop 2014

July 28th –  August 12th

See this document for additional description of this summer’s activities.

If you are interested in applying, detailed information on schedule of activities, costs, travel and accommodation may be requested by forwarding your inquiry directly to :

Shun Kanda <> and Saya Suzuki<>

BEYOND_3.11 @ Gallery A4


The Work of MIT Japan 3.11 Initiative 2011-2012
an Exhibit at Gallery A4 TOKYO
February 2013

Visitors to the exhibit listen to Goto Kazuma, one of the residents of Minamisanriku, tell the story of his experience during and after the earthquake tsunami.

 Take a virtual tour of the exhibit :

For more information, read the introduction to the BEYOND 3.11 exhibit, in English.