Beginning in June 2011, the Initiative team has been working with leaders of local governments and residents, NGO affiliates and consulting professionals to map out a 5-year plan of action for short- and long-term paths to recovery. Minami Sanriku, one of the areas hardest hit by the quake and tsunami, will be the first focus of this work. The Minami Sanriku project will combine physical and societal reconstruction, initially focusing on designing and building a much-needed community center, which will serve residents living in temporary housing while also memorializing the victims of the disaster and symbolizing the revitalization of the community as a whole.

Along with the design and construction of this center, the Initiative will hold a series of related workshops to explore the longer-term issues related to permanent reconstruction, including addressing questions of disaster-resilience and ecological sustainability. Lessons learned in the aftermath of the disaster and resulting exchanges will help create a new educational model to serve as a model for disaster preparedness and an ecological prototype promoting the resurgence of regional communities across the valleys and sea-coasts of Japan.

Read the summary for the workshop’s findings from Summer 2011′s site analysis and schematic community design (in Japanese).

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