Autumn 2011

Autumn 2011: Inter-University Exchange

Fall activities include three courses under the auspices of Keio University, MIT Center for International Studies, and the Japan Program’s Inter-University Program.  These offerings build upon the work started in Summer 2011 and will include further site research, the partial completion of the Memorial Community Center, and the continued planning of alternative visions for resettlement and new communities.

A graduate level course, Disaster-Resilient Planning, Design & Reconstruction, is being taught in Tokyo and Sendai, Japan and will focus on the design/build of a prototype transitional Community Center in Minami-Sanriku.  Fabrication of the Center will involve local community members during January 2012.

See the iUP course syllabus and Design/Build syllabus for more information.

Simultaneously in Minami-Sanriku, a Field Research course will take place as an on-site survey of the Utatsu fishing villages using the Transect/Rapid Visual Site Analysis method piloted during the Summer 2011 workshop.

See the Field Research project description for more information.

Spring 2012: MIT Architecture Design & Planning Workshop

A workshop studio based at MIT and including a multi-disciplinary team of faculty and students will work on expanding the design options for the Memorial Community Center and furthering the planning of Alternative Visions for Resettlement & New Communities. The team will spend spring break on-site in Minami Sanriku for a joint workshop with Miyagi University faculty and students.

Syllabus coming soon.

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