Jin Sato
Community Partner
Mayor, Minami Sanriku-cho, Miyagi

Joel Lamere
Associate Designer, MIT Japan 3/11 Initiative
MIT Architecture, Design Faculty

Joel Lamere has been teaching courses in architectural geometry, design and representation at MIT since 2007, and has been active in architectural practice in the Boston area. In 2010, he co-founded GLD, a collaborative design practice, with his partner Cynthia Gunadi. GLD has produced several installations, and is invested in architectural craft at many scales. He holds a MArch from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Duncan Kincaid
Associate Designer, MIT Japan 3/11 Initiative
MIT IT Services, MIT MArch 1997

After several years with his own architecture practice, Kincaid now heads IT services for the MIT School of Architecture and Planning. Several years were spent working in the Northern Areas of Pakistan when an MIT student (MArch 1997). This experience had furthered an interest in architectural design in the face of severe environmental constraints. Addressing these environmental conditions in architectural form, as opposed to high-tech interventions, remains of particular interest.

Uta Meta Bauer
Associate Professor and Head of Program
MIT Program in Art, Culture + Technology

Ute Meta Bauer is Associate Professor and Director of the Art, Culture and Technology (formerly Visual Arts) Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge). She is born in Germany, and educated as an artist at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg (Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg), where she received her Diploma with Honors in Visual Communication/Stage Design in 1987.

Jegan Vincent de Paul
Research Fellow + Director of ALTRNTV
MIT Program in Art, Culture + Technology

Jegan is a Canadian living and working in the United States. With his family during Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict, he and his family emigrated to Canada. Since renouncing Catholicism at the age of 18 he has traveled and done a lot of things, attended the University of Toronto in architecture, worked with Ai Weiwei, and co-founded ///COUNTER, “an agency to frame, amplify and transmit culture” and Critical.Org a blog on art, media and politics. In the fall of 2011, he is teaching Creative Responses to Conflict and Crises at MIT ACT with Professor Ute Meta Bauer.

Kent Larson
Principal Research Scientist Changing Places Group, MIT Media Lab

Kent Larson has practiced architecture in New York City since 1981: in partnership with Peter L. Gluck from 1981 to 1995, and as Kent Larson Architects, PC from 1995 to present. His firm was selected as one of The Architectural Digest’s 100 Architects for residential design.

Ian Condry
Associate Professor
MIT Comparative Media Studies

Ian is a cultural anthropologist who specializes on media, popular culture, and globalization with a focus contemporary Japan and the US.  His current research interests include social media, video games, and mobile phone apps, which relate to his earlier research on Japanese hip-hop and anime by attending to processes of cultural innovation that go global.

Adele Philips
MIT Field Research Associate
Fulbright Scholar
United Nations University, Tokyo

I grew up on a multi-generational family-run dairy farm in the Great Plains of the US during the 1980s Farm Crisis. Formed by this rural upbringing, my work revolves around didactic and productive landscapes, social justice and environmental sustainability. I am interested in research which considers not only the modern-day socio-ecological and political parameters of the rural landscape, but the historical and geomorphological as well. As a Fulbright Fellow, I am today imbedded in a mountain village of 20 citizens in west-central Japan. Despite a sustainable agriculture history that stretches back 2000 years, Japan’s countryside is ailing much like the ruralscapes of other industrialized nations. How can Design serve as a vehicle for the reversal of water and soil degradation, biodiversity and habitat loss?

Saya Suzuki
MIT Field Research Assistant
IUAV Design, Venice

After having studied architecture, I decided to live and study scenografia, in Italy where there are things stimulating like water, light and people in any moment. Since then, I have been closest to water in my entire life, and had chance to think about it and then recently was able to trip around Italian Riviera. There were so many appearances of water, especially boundaries with land, based on topography, which made me think ways to live. I am hoping that I could be one who assist them. It would be nice to make some time and portions of entertainment as cheering people in terms of mental care.

Kay Mizuno
Executive Associate, iUP Tokyo

Takaharu Saito
Filmmaker, Interpreter
Sendai, Miyagi

Shoko Takamoto
MIT Master of City Planning 2011