Minna no Butai – ‘A Stage for All’ – showcased in JABS


An article showcasing みんなの舞台 Minna no Butai – a Stage for All was recently published in the Japanese publication the Journal of Architecture and Building Science (JABS):

Construction of ‘A stage for all’—
Attempts for Temporary Housings 3-4 years After the Disaster

みんなの舞台 Minna no Butai – a Stage for All was built in Summita-cho, Irate-ken by the 2014 MIT Japan Design Workshop in collaboration with the University of Tokyo’s Otsuki Lab.

The author, Saori Imoto, is a Research Associate at the University of Tokyo and a 2005-2006 Veneto Experience alumna.

The full article (in Japanese) can be read and downloaded here.


Funding awarded for Japan Design Workshop

The work of the Japan 3.11 Initiative continues strongly throughout this coming summer, and organizations are recognizing the importance of this work.

The MIT Japan Design Workshop has been awarded a grant from the TOSHIBA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION for the project Beyond 2020_nx, for continuing workshops in Tohoku and to fund a film documentary on the future form of communities in the region.

In addition, the Alfred Kunstadter Family Foundation and the American Chamber of Commerce Japan ACCJ has also awarded funding for the MIT Japan Workshop of Summer 2014, located in Rikuzen-Takata, Iwate Prefecture.

Call for applications: iUP_MIT Japan Design Workshop 2014


iUP_MIT Japan Design Workshop 2014

July 28th –  August 12th

See this document for additional description of this summer’s activities.

If you are interested in applying, detailed information on schedule of activities, costs, travel and accommodation may be requested by forwarding your inquiry directly to :

Shun Kanda <kanda@mit.edu> and Saya Suzuki<tktt503@gmail.com>