JDW2013 / Taking shape in the rain

The project requires quite a bit of manual labor, but this doesn’t stop the participants from putting their all into the construction.  Here is the update from Tuesday the 6th, written by University of Tokyo student Ryoko Fukumoto:

Today we started working by making the platform posts from lumber by hand. We rarely use metal screws in this workshop. このプロジェクトでは金属のねじはなるべく使わずに、主に竹とロープで完成させていきます。杭も自分たちで木材から作ります。

With Professor Kanda’s instructions, we adjusted the position of the bamboo again and again so that the shape of the stage would be beautiful. I was surprised how big a difference just a little change in length or angle affected the overall shape. 神田先生の指示のもと、美しい形になるように微調整を重ねます。少しの長さや角度の違いが全体に大きく影響するのに驚きました。

The bamboo has been cut to the needed length with saws. It must be cut accurately to fit the structure. It seems like everyone has gotten used to cutting bamboo. 切り出してきた竹を、のこぎりでちょうど良い長さに切っていきます。シンプルですが正確さが必要な作業です。竹を切るのにもだんだん慣れてきました。

This is Taka, the coordinator of the program. He is so reliable and has a good handle on every situation. Today he seems to be in a pretty good mood…and what is he drawing?? コーディネイターのたかさんです。プログラム全体を円滑に進めてくださる、頼れるお兄さんです。みんなに指示を出すための図を描いているようですが…なんだか楽しそうですね。

Unfortunately, it started rain in the afternoon, but the work continued. We wouldn’t stop because there are many supporters who are waiting for the completion of this project. We will work harder and harder to meet their expectations! 午後になって、心配していた雨が降り始めてしまいました。そんな中でも雨合羽を着て作業は続きます。みなさんに喜んでいただけるように、一同頑張ります!

A bit about today’s contributor:
Ryoko was born and grew up in Tokyo and now is a freshman at the University of Tokyo. She is interested in architecture and urban planning and wants to learn as much as possible while keeping an open mind.  She likes musicals, travelling, and has just started playing tennis.


Read more about this year’s program participants here.


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