JDW2013 / Foundations

The mini stage is taking shape.  Update from Monday August 5th by University of Tokyo student Masumi Ogawa:

Hello. I’m today’s reporter, Masumi Ogawa. Kanda-Sensei was quite considerate and gave us a rest this morning, so we started our activity in the afternoon. Thanks to this rest, every member worked vigorously. 本日リポーターを務める小川真純です。神田先生の粋なはからいによりメンバーたちは午前中休息をとり午後からの活動となりました。おかげで午後は全員精力的に働いていました。

The foundation of the stage is really important because it is directly related to the safety of people using the stage. That is why it took a long time to build, and members were working cautiously. 舞台の基礎部分は利用者の安全と直結するため、非常に重要な役割を担います。従って、設置には長時間を要しメンバーは慎重に作業を行いました。

We learned how to tie strings from Yamaguchi-San, a local carpenter. It was amazing that MIT students learned just by watching him, despite the boundary of language. 地元の漁師である山口さんからひもの結び方を教わりました。MITの学生たちは言語の壁をものともせず、見よう見まねで結び方を習得していきます。

We also looked for materials for the signboard and thought about the design. We actually picked up some nice-looking materials and found that they were good. Here, one of our team members broke one of the branches by mistake, but her smile was really big, as if there hadn’t been an accident. また、看板の素材探しとデザインを考える作業も行いました。良さそうな素材を実際にとってきて、うまくいきそうか実験をしてみます。写真の彼女は誤って枝を折ってしまいましたが、そんなことは感じさせない実にいい笑顔をしています。

Now that I can start to grasp the shape of the stage, I can hardly wait for its completion! I also feel that it looks like a ship, maybe because Minamisanriku is closely connected with ships and fishery. 舞台の全貌が明らかになるにつれ、完成がますます待ち遠しくなってきます。舞台の基礎が船のような形に見えたのは、南三陸町が船と漁業に縁が深いからかもしれません。

A bit about today’s contributor:
Masumi is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo.  He was born and raised in Hyogo Prefecture and now lives in Tokyo. From childhood, he has been dreaming of getting a job related to architecture.  He hopes this program will give him a good chance to know more not only about architecture but about earthquakes and reconstruction. He like playing baseball and listening to music.


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