JDW2013 / Hard at work

The team is hard at work!  Here are the reflections of Kosuke Takenouchi, another University of Tokyo student, from Sunday August 4th:

This is Natsumi. She laughs quite a lot all the time, even if she gets soaked. Her smile always reminds me of the chat slang “LOL" embodied in real life. 同僚のなつみです。びしょ濡れです。憎らしいほど眩しい笑顔ですね。青春の1ショット。まさにlolって感じ。

And after a long day in the field, a good snack is always needed:

This jam is made from plums. It tasted sweet and sour. I had it with cucumbers. お世話になっている山内さん宅ではいつもお昼に何品かいただいているのですが、今日個人的に一番おいしかったのはこの梅ジャム。キュウリにつけて食べました。

This is Professor Otsuki, associate professor in Architectural Planning at the University of Tokyo. He is very sociable and what he says is always to the point, so I respect him. He seems to be in good spirits in this picture. 大月教授です。上機嫌ですね。人当たりがとてもよくて、発言が鋭くいつも的を射ていて、カッコいいです。お世話になっとります。

We had dinner at a restaurant located on the main shopping street of Minami-Sanriku. The food was delicious. We talked about a lot of things, such as the differences between China and Taiwan. Of course, there were many funny things as well. I was very happy because there were a lot of smiles. そして今夜は日曜日だったので、商店街のあるお店にてみんなで夕食を食べました。未成年飲酒・飲酒運転はもちろん0ですよ。とてもいい宴でした。みんなといるといつも笑ってばかりで楽しいのですが、この夜は格別でしたね。

I will never forget this wonderful night.  Thank you to everyone!

A bit about today’s contributor:
Kosuke is a second year student in  Human Sciences at the University of Tokyo.  He is from the Shonan area, which has a famous beach. He is thinking about studying urban design as a major.  He loves music and listens to various genres, especially rock music.  He also plays the guitar almost every day and is very keen on soccer, too.


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