Japan Workshop 2013 / Live from Minamisanriku

This is the Japan Design Workshop’s second year focusing on rebuilding after the earthquake and tsunami in Minamisanriku.  The staff and students have been in Japan for almost two weeks and as they enter this last week, they will be posting updates on their process as well as progress from their time in the field.  Here is the first of a series of updates.

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Rin Rin Popolo

From July 31:

We met Kiyoko Yamauchi, the project collaborator and landowner, and finally talked about the location and direction of Rin Rin Popolo. 参加者の地元入り前日。プロジェクトの地元側発起人、山内きよ子さんとの再会。りんりんポポロの位置づけや作業進行の段取り等について最終的な協議をした。

We visited Takuo and Yoshiko Yamauchi, who are the neighbors, and decided on the area from where we will cut bamboo. きよ子さんのご近所、山内卓夫&よし子ご夫妻に面会。彼等の所有山から竹を切らせて頂くことになった。かえって手に余っていた竹の利用の機会に、喜んで下さった。

We then visited Kiyomi Suzuki, a leader of SanSan-Kan, and determined the area where we will cut bamboo. さんさん館のリーダー鈴木清美さんに面会。彼等の所有山から竹を切らせて頂くことになった。径10cmを越える立派な竹もある立派な竹林を紹介して頂いた。

We were introduced to Toshihiro Yamauchi, who is a leader of the Hayashigiwa district in Iriya. The local community was pleased by the project and readily accepted it. We agreed that both sides will collaborate on it. プロジェクトを行うにあたり、林際区長・山内敏裕さんのお宅にご挨拶のために訪問。プロジェクトを喜んで下さったうえに、全体の段取りに快く相談にのって頂いた。

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